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Internist. Physician Leader. Author. Speaker. Advocate.

Dr. Clarissa Barnes is a practicing internist and physician leader. She is responsible for the strategic direction and implementation of the clinician wellness program for over 1200 providers across five states. She also serves as a physician advisor in CDI/UR (clinical documentation improvement and utilization review for her health system. Dr. Barnes is a fierce advocate for transforming healthcare delivery and creating positive change in the medical profession. She has a keen eye for possibilities: driving practice efficiency, patient care quality and culture change. She is the current President of Board for the South Dakota Foundation for Medical Care, an organization dedicated to improving healthcare for South Dakota citizens. She also holds the position of Wellness Champion for the American College of Physicians for the state of South Dakota.  As a certified coach, published author and speaker Dr. Barnes raises awareness about leadership, professional practice, and strategies for well-being.

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